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April 23, 2018

Body & Soul is an apothecary, owned by herbalists Vanessa and AJ.  Their shop offers a wonderful mix of natural healing products, natural customized wares, herbal and therapeutic medicine. You can also attend classes and workshops on living naturally and creating your own bath and body care products. Vanessa and AJ are some of the coolest people you will meet at the Handmade Collectives Spring Market, Saturday May 5 from 11am -5pm. Check out their interview below and you will see what we mean. 





What made you take this leap into being your own boss?  



I (Vanessa) have a background in marketing and copywriting and left to sell vintage for a few years before we started making natural body care for Body&Soul. AJ was a manager at Pizza Hut/Delivery Driver and owner his own lawn care business. We both live for the freedom and flexibility of being our own bosses. We grow a brand we love every day, it's extremely creatively fulfilling. Working hard developing our own vision is what we live for, it's too stifling to try to do this for someone else as an employee.


Your logo is dope! What is the story behind it?


Thank you! I collaborated with a talented friend/author/crafter I met from my years as a vintage reseller on the design. I wanted it to communicate that our products heal the body clinically (the logo has the amber dropper bottle essential for clinical herbalist creations) and the soul energetically (communicated with the overall psychedelic look and inclusion of the sage bundle and the moon). I'm always smudging with palo santo or sage or burning incense so I wanted to words of the logo to look like they were written with smoke. I love watching smoke's swirling patterns.


What is your best selling product and why?


Our aromatherapy inhalers although it's almost tied with our charcoal whitening tooth scrub. The tooth scrub's sales are obvious, it tastes delicious and it really works! More people haven't heard about the healing powers of the aromatherapy inhalers. You carry these sticks containing essential oil wicks on-the-go. They last for several months. You inhale from them deeply as needed and the essential oil molecules go straight to work on your limbic system for instant healing you can feel. We have them in sinus, anti-anxiety, headache, focus, nausea, energy, & sleep.




What is your advice for those who would like to switch to using vegan/organic deodorant? 


Conventional deodorant contains parabens, found in 100% of breast cancer tissue, and aluminum, linked to Alzheimer's disease as a nuerotoxin. We slather this on our lymph-node loaded armpits! The chemicals then go straight into our lymphatic system, it's a terrible, potentially cancer-causing stress on the body. My advice is to just make the switch asap to a natural deodorant! There is NO natural antiperspirant because this affect is the result of aluminum clogging your lymph nodes. Sweating underneath your arms is healthy, it's a way your body releases toxins, you should not want to block this! Natural deodorants will help with the sweating a little, but a good one (like ours, hey, just throwing it out there, it's called Miracle Deodorant for a reason and we get rave reviews on it) most importantly, will keep you 100% smell-free all day. 


In short, please don't be afraid to make the switch. I promise if you apply natural deodorant correctly and find the right one for you, you will  NOT smell, your risk of cancer will decrease, and your body will be healthier and happier for it.


Is there anything you would like the public to know about you?                                           


I'm a certified clinical herbalist. I studied the subject for 2 years studying aromatherapy, herbalism, nutrition, veganism, flower essences, animal aromatherapy, reiki, materia medica, gemstones/gemstone elixirs, advanced plant medicine creation, advanced cosmeceutical creation, extensive medical soap creation, organic lotion creation, herbal pill creation and more. AJ is a certified physical trainer. You can come by one of our market booths or store in Riverside, Jacksonville (2726 College St. Jax, FL) - or message us on instagram @bodysoulherbs anytime if you have questions. We make our products by hand in-shop and formulated the things that -we- would love to have. We use and love everything in our store :)


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You can visit Body & Soul online at or just swing by the Handmade Collectives Spring Market, at Riverside Park in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday, May 5 from 11am-4pm to select and purchase your goods in person.

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