Still Life with Cat Studios

November 11, 2017

 Still Life with Cat Studio is a collection of art photography from all over the world taken by owner Vivienne Frankel. With an emphasis on architectural, street, and natural subjects, each photo is printed with slight changes to the editing, making each one unique. We are pleased to introduce you to Vivienne Frankel!


1.      How did you come up with your name?

My cat is the second love of my life. I wanted to connect to him in an artistic way. 

2.      Is there a special meaning behind your name?

I was brainstorming on a logo when I thought of including my cat in a Still life. It worked out perfectly. 

 3.      What sets your designs apart from others?

All of my photos are individually edited prior to printing. I use several editing programs to create each print.

 I also use paper specific to each piece, for example textured matte for street art, metallic pearl for architecture. 


 4.      What has been the most stressful part of your business?

Keeping track of my inventory. Making sure for each show that I have something for every taste and multiples of popular items. Because I do all of my own printing and editing it takes time to make all the necessary pieces for each market. 

5.      What is your favorite color?

Cobalt Blue

6.      Do you use your favorite color in your work often?

Yes. When I saturate or colorize a photo. 

7.      What is your favorite piece of work and why?

I just did a series of storm photos from Memorial Park. My favorite is a melancholy feeling shot of the sea wall rail. 

8.      What is your favorite quote and why?

There are so many good ones!  I guess the one that works for me right now is “Press on, nothing in the world can take the

place of perseverance” Calvin Coolidge.  Since starting my business and getting into the art and makers world I have

had to persevere a lot.  Not everyone sees photography as handmade.  I have had to work harder to prove myself given that what I make is different.  




9.      Will you be offering anything special for shoppers that will be attending market

I do a make + take on taking iPhone photos.  There is a handout with multiple screen shots of tools and tricks using an iPhone to get creative and professional looking photos.  There is also a list of editing apps and guests will get that to take along with a mini print/sticker of a photo they edit in the class.  The cost can range from $5-$15 depending on inclusion of the mini print. Included in the hand out is a 15% off coupon for my booth or website.


10.  Is there anything you would like the public to know about you? 

 I have been taking photos most of my life.  Both my parents were amateur photographers and they

instilled a love of the art in me at an early age.  I grew up in California and have lived all over the US as an adult. 

I came to Jacksonville with my husband, a professor at UNF in the Coggin College of Business. Together we have traveled to up to 50 other countries and that has fueled my passion for photography. In 2015 I retired after 24 years as a District Manager for Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores retail shops so we could go live in Italy for 7 months, while my husband was on sabbatical from UNF. 


The second love of my life is my cat, Moses. 


My inspiration comes from several places; my parents, my husband and most of all my own dream of being an artist. I spent most of my life in retail with limited creative outlets so when the time came to retire and try something new, I decided to focus on my photography and the art I create with it.


My biggest inspiration to make a go of it, came from the last conversation I had with my mother-in-law before she passed on.  She told me to pursue my dream, because I had talent and I should share it.  Any time I get frustrated I think of her words and it helps keep the drive alive

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