Connecting the Community

Handmade Collectives hosts uniquely themed craft and vendor markets with a festival vibe. Our goal is to provide a fun, creative, and engaging platform to connect makers, artists, and other small business owners to their ideal customers.

We are constantly coming up with ways to connect with entrepreneurs and help you take your brand to the next level, by offering business related workshops, meet-ups, and countless other tools and resources. In addition to our markets we partner with other organizations to provide vendors for their upcoming events. 


Our goal is to see you reach your highest level of success, however that looks to you.

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 Honestly, we are all about love, peace, and positive vibes.  We always aim to create a wonderful and inviting experience filled with fabulous food, live music, and good infectious energy for all to enjoy! 

When we are not hosting our own events, we are out supporting our entrepreneur friends at other markets, shows, exhibits, and events. I am absolutely delighted when I can connect and  making new friends along the way.


We love and believe in supporting entrepreneurs so much that starting January of 2019, you wont just see posts about our markets or events on our social media pages. We will be sharing stories and posts about our diverse community + cultures that surrounds us.

We believe in the community & Giving Back!


 Every market or event that we host serves a special purpose and that is to support local non-profit organizations in the city and states that our markets are held in, this includes our own organization Humans Engaging Respectfully & Effectively (H.E.R.E). Thanks to our vendors we are able to do that with the raffles that we host. If you would like to offer your support, please purchase a $1 raffle ticket. 100% of the raffle proceeds will go to support the chosen organization(s). 


Handmade Collectives was created by a mother of five and I know the importance of having a safe, clean place to go for breastfeeding or pumping while you are out at an event like ours. At every event we host you will find a dedicated "Lactation Station" for nursing mothers to use if you choose. Inside you will be provided:

  • A cold bottle of water

  • A comfortable place to sit 

  • A fan to keep you cool

  • A changing station 

  • Diaper wipes if needed

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